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THE GUARDIAN: By Sean Michaels. Ladylike, a collaboration between the musicians, features a 'self-portrait' of Winehouse drawn in her own blood.

A painting smeared with the blood of Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty has sold for 35,000. The musicians' collaboration, Ladylike, was purchased for less than half the amount it was hoped to reach at auction.

Ladylike was one of 20 "blood" paintings on display in an exhibition of Doherty's work at the Cob Gallery, London. The sanguine sketch of Winehouse, described as a self-portrait, was expected to sell for between 50,000 and 80,000. Auctioned by a private seller, it was listed alongside several other paintings, as well as Doherty's guitars, clothes and diaries.

"Amy was on the phone to her dad when she did that [painting]," Doherty told the Independent. "She said, 'Dad, I'm with Pete and he's making me draw with my blood!' He didn't like me much, her dad."

Doherty takes great pride in his artworks' "arterial splatter", for which he cuts his finger or fills a syringe with his own blood. "It plays the starring role in my work," he told the Independent. "Sweat and tears are often waiting in the wings."

An undisclosed percentage of Ladylike's sale price will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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